SassyT Canine Academy Associate Trainers

Making connections with qualified trainers in the NY/CT area

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virginia dare, CTP

“Nothing makes me happier than helping clients achieve the best possible relationship with their dogs. I work hard to provide solid, effective training and behavior modification advice -- stuff that makes sense, that's do-able, that moves you to your goals, while maintaining science-based, humane techniques.”


Betsy Schwartz, cpdt-ka

“I am committed to only positive, force-free, dog-friendly training methods, which create a bond of trust and foster teamwork. Training is all about relationships and clear, two-way communication between handler and dog. Training should always be enjoyable for both human and animal alike.”

Training Opportunities with Jenn Michaelis, BA, CPDT-KA, RFE-CI

Owner & Founder SassyT Canine Academy

private training

In-home private lessons offered Mon-Fri in Corvallis, OR and during quarterly visits to NY & CT. Video conference private lessons and phone consults.

group lessons

Manners for puppies and adults, tricks, musical freestyle, and remedial socialization offered at Wonder Dogs in Corvallis, OR.

come to camp

Come for the weekend with your favorite canine to play, hike, swim, relax and learn. Long weekends offered yearly in August in MA & October in GA.