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Dr Ian Dunbar is coming to PCOTC in White Plains!

Crucial, Common-Sense & Cutting-Edge Concepts in Dog Behavior & Training
with Dr. Ian Dunbar

This seminar comprises a collection of diverse concepts and topics that Dr. Dunbar considers to be crucially important for raising and training dogs to be good-natured, well-behaved and reliable off-leash. Much of the syllabus comprises the highlights of Dr. Dunbar’s “Science-Based Dog Training (with Feeling)” seminar series as it evolved over the course of three years. The greater part of the seminar will describe how to motivate dogs for reliability, speed, precision & panache — when off-leash, at a distance and without the continued need for training aids. This is the area of dog training that has welcomed numerous innovative developments over the past few years, especially including, motivation for on-demand, extreme off-leash reliability in an otherwise happy-go-lucky (off-duty) dog, plus techniques for eliminating lack of compliance and undesirable behavior without having to resort to aversive means.

A short part of the seminar will touch on the most important aspect of dog training — raising dogs to thoroughly enjoy the company and actions of people, especially children, men and strangers, i.e., raising “bomb-proof” dogs. All young puppies are friendly to people but if not adequately socialized (prior to three months of age), they will start to become fearful at about five-and-a-half to eight months of age. Unfortunately, by the time the owner notices that their young adolescent is starting to become fearful or reactive, the Critical Period of Socialization will be long gone and now rehabilitation will take much (MUCH) longer.

Developing fear of the unfamiliar later in life is a normal and adaptive development process. Early socialization prevents these fears from developing later on. Preventing fearfulness and aggression is as simple and easy as it is enjoyable and hence, takes very little time to explain. For dogs that have already developed fearfulness and aggression towards other people or other dogs, there are a number of new techniques to accelerate rehabilitation, including differential classical conditioning (DCC) and using kibble (a low-value primary reinforcer) empowered as the highest-value secondary reinforcer.


$90 Early Bird (until March 26th) 

$120 Standard (after March 26th)
Lunch is not included
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