STca has acquired WONDER DOGS!

Now offering group classes at two locations in Corvallis and Philomath, Oregon. Come see our two gorgeous facilities and join in all the fun!

Classes taught by Jenn Michaelis run MONDAYS and THURSDAYS 10am-2:30pm.

specialty offerings

  • STAR- Solutions for Reactivity

    • Dogs who bark/lunge at people or dogs

  • Super STAR- Solutions for Reactivity

    • Graduates of STAR

  • Cooperative Health Care

    • Fear-free toenails, ears and more!

    sports offerings

  • Nosework

  • Agility

  • Rally-FrEe & Freestyle

  • Parkour

Family Dog offerings

  • Puppy Pre-School

    • Puppies under 12 weeks

  • Puppy 2 Class

    • Puppies 12 wks - 6 mo

  • Essentials 1- Focus, Impulse Control & Greetings

    • Dogs over 6 mo

  • Essentials 2- Stay, Come & Leash Walking

    • Graduates of E1

  • Essentials 3-Distance, Distraction and Duration

    • Graduates of E2

Also offering private lessons and behavior consults at Wonder Dogs! Sign Up

Remedial Socialization Walking Class

dog training

Future class offerings 

  • Remedial Positive Socialization

    • day/time TBA

    • 6 weeks

  • Desensitization in a controlled setting for shy, fearful or reactive dogs.

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Outdoor Parkour Agility Class


Future class Offerings

  • Dog Parkour Agility

    • day/time TBA

    • 6 weeks

  • Agility using natural obstacles found in the environment

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