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Remedial Socialization Dog Training Walks

Fridays @ 9:30am. Starting June 5th.

The goal of these walks will specifically be for remedial positive socialization, and desensitization in a controlled setting for shy, fearful, or reactive dogs. We will start with helping them relax around other dogs and people, teaching them to check-in with you, and working on decreasing each individual dog's threshold. Glen Island provides lots of space, and a relaxing setting to help the dogs feel more comfortable.

The class will run every Friday in June and offered as a package of 4 training walks for $175. It will be advantageous for your dog to get exposed to a variety of dogs and people each week, with me helping coach you and your dog through each interaction, so that you will feel more prepared to help your dog through real-life situations at home. 

They will get to safely spend more time around other dogs, allowing everyone to relax and desensitize. We will always start with the dogs under threshold, where they have enough space to observe but not react. Then we will walk them together (almost like parallel play for children!), work on pass-bys, relaxing as a group, meet-and-greets, and practice emergency situations.

Here is more information about the park:

    We will meet in the main parking lot where there is plenty of space to accommodate thresholds of all sizes. (parking is $5 once the park is officially "open" for the year, but you can also park before the drawbridge and walk in, about 10 mins of walking. Just be careful of stressing your dog with extra stimulus!)

To save your spot:

Email Jenn or Pay Online