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Musical Freestyle Workshop: Choreography and Prep for Competition

Come with a song and an idea...

 ...Leave with a complete, performance-ready freestyle routine!!

This workshop builds on the teamwork, focus and moves taught in previous classes and workshops. Any previous freestyle experience is accepted. Did you know you can create a very beautiful routine using only three freestyle moves? 

Students will be shown how to design and polish brief off-leash routines and set them to music that showcases the unique strengths of their individual dogs.

Overt prompts for learned behaviors will be faded, moves will be combined with transitions to create interesting combination moves, and strategies for reward will be discussed. Learn how to select music, cue behaviors to the music, and teach dogs signature poses. Basic requirements for entry-level competition via different freestyle venues will be discussed. 


SATURDAY, January 21st 2PM-4PM

Book Online Here  UPDATE: Only 3 working spots still available

213 21st Street between 4th Avenue and 5th Avenue. (Closest subway is the R at Prospect Avenue or 25th Street)

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