New Puppy Package


New Puppy Package

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Get a head start

Behavior is so easily shaped when a puppy is under 5 months old. Any investment you make in the puppy's training and temperament right now will quadruple in value in later years. High priorities at this age are puppy nipping, safe socialization, and potty training. 

Our puppy training package is the best choice for tailoring to your specific situation and coaching all the family members to set the puppy up for success.

What's included:

  • (4) or (6) 1 hour private in-home lessons
  • Customized training exercises and coaching
  • Clicker training
  • Training logs and supplemental handouts
  • Protocols for potty training and safe socialization
  • Manners for puppy nipping, mouthing, chewing, etc.
  • Lesson summary
  • Email support

Contact us to get your puppy off on the right start! 

Number of Weeks:
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Please review our cancellation policies:

These polices are in place to ensure that your dog's training proceeds in the most timely and effective way possible. Behavior change takes time and consistency, and we want you to succeed!

--Individual appointments: Cancellations and/or rescheduled appointments require 72 hour notice or a $75 cancellation fee will be applied

--Training packages: Are for scheduled subsequent weekly lessons only. No cancellation/postponement allowed, except with vet/doctor note. 

Private lessons are currently being offered on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays