Sea & shore camp Instructors


Erica etchason — Sea skills

Erica Etchason has been involved in Canine Water Sports, since 2006.  Erica's water training philosophy is to build joy and confidence around water.  Erica has taught water seminars for Newfoundland and Portuguese Water Dog clubs.  She has taught over 45 different breeds the joy of water work, and currently teaches a variety of private swim lessons at three locations in the Northeast.  Join Erica's Facebook group, 4 Paws Adrift, to learn more about her and her swim group.

agility trainer

Sherrie Wilkes — agility skills

Sherrie owns the Complete K-9, in Hunterdon County, NJ.  Sherrie has competed in USDAA and AKC putting 4 ADCHs and 7 MACHs on her Aussies and Border Collies.  She has been in the final rounds of USDAA Grand Prix and DAM team events with placements.  Her DAM team became National Champions.  Sherrie has also participated in AKC Nationals and was a finalist. She has participated in AKC World Team tryouts several times and has finished 4th and 7th overall.  

Jenn michaelis—shore skills

Jenn is the owner of SassyT Canine Academy and is committed to training dogs with force-free positive reinforcement. She specializes in teaching tricks, musical freestyle and Rally-FrEe to all levels of dogs and handlers, for both performance and fun. Jenn offers group classes, in-person and online private lessons, and workshops all over the northeast. Jenn is well-known for her entertaining and engaging teaching style, as well as her easy-to-learn training techniques.

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Jessica Schulte — scent skills

Jessica has been teaching Nose Work classes since 2010. She is Certifying Official for NACSW, and a licensed AKC Scent Work judge. Her dog, Trix, currently competes at the Elite level in K9 NoseWork, as well as Rally-FrEe and Musical Freestyle. Jessica works with Instinct Dog Training and Behavior in NYC teaching manners, obedience, and solving behavioral issues for dogs and their people. She believes in training that is effective, practical, and fun for both dogs and their people.

Assistant Instructors

Lindsey Mills, Water Sports Assistant

Lindsey Mills, Water Sports Assistant

Lindsey has been professionally training dogs since 2016. Prior to being a dog trainer, Lindsey was a F/A-18 Avionics Electrician in the United States Marine Corps. She currently owns a dog training business in Hamilton, NJ (Canine Invictus, LLC) and has two dogs; Logan, an Australian Shepherd, and Trixie, a Mini Aussie.

Caitlin Doody, Shore Skills Assistant

Caitlin Doody, Shore Skills Assistant

Caitlin has been competing in canine musical freestyle and Rally-FrEe since 2014. Her 7-year-old bulldog mix, Augustus, has earned 6 musical freestyle and Rally-FrEe titles through the MDSA and RFE. They are currently working toward their Intermediate Musical Freestyle title. Caitlin always makes joy and teamwork with her dog top priority, while enjoying the creativity and the freedom of expression in freestyle.

Stacey Modica, Agility Assistant

Stacey Modica, Agility Assistant

Stacey has been training in agility for 15 years with her many Australian Shepherds. She has earned multiple titles in ASCA, AKC and USDAA venues. She’s qualified for USDAA Nationals four times, and has attended ASCA multiple times. She’s currently training her two youngest stars Evie and Kohl with her positive, force-free approach.