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Sea Skills

Erica etchason

Erica Etchason has been involved in Canine Water Sports,, since 2006.  Erica's water training philosophy is to build joy and confidence around water.  Erica has taught water seminars for Newfoundland and Portuguese Water Dog clubs.  She has taught over 45 different breeds the joy of water work.  Join Erica's Facebook group, 4 Paws Adrift, to learn more about her and her swim group.

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Shore Skills

Jenn michaelis

Jenn is the owner of SassyT Canine Academy and is committed to training dogs with force-free positive reinforcement. She specializes in teaching tricks, parkour, rally-freestyle and musical freestyle to all levels of dogs and handlers, for both performance and fun. Jenn offers group classes, in-person and online private lessons, and workshops all over the northeast. Jenn is well-known for her entertaining and engaging teaching style, as well as her easy-to-learn training techniques.

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