Tentative Schedule

join us again june 2019!!

Experience our all-inclusive training camp to learn new off-leash skills, strengthen your bond, and experience canine water sports in a whole new way. Stay in a cabin with your dog, hike off-leash, swim and play at the expansive and gorgeous Camp Westmont. Optional training activities will be provided throughout each day to expand your dog's skills. 

    On Camp Westmont's 100-acre private lake, beginner and advanced water training will be offered, including, but not limited to: navigation, nautical nose work, retrieve work, tow work and aquagility. Use your dog's love of the water to create a whole new world of training games to exercise his mind and body! 

    On land, camp training activities will include beginner and advanced off-leash recall work, dog parkour (dog agility using only natural obstacles), beginner and advanced tricks, Rally-FrEe, and heel and focus games. There will even be evening wine and cheese social hours, s'mores, board games, and a special guest lecture on Integrative Vet Care by Dr Sarah Urban! 

    To keep this camp personalized and focused on individual team training needs, we are accepting only 20 working teams. 

Complimentary 10-minute private lessons on Monday require advanced sign-up by Sunday breakfast. Each working team gets one for sea and one for shore skills. 

  • All participants are welcome to watch, observing is a great way to learn.

Integrative Vet Care lecture and Canine Chiropractic appointments available from Dr. Sarah Urban from Always Helpful Vet

Advanced shaping and tricks...heel motivation and focus games...dog parkour and trick titling opportunities! WOW! Check out some of the cool stuff you can learn at Sea and Shore Dog Training Camp! Camp Westmont, PA. Save your spot now !