The Magic of Food Puzzle Toys

It's really easy to get busy during the day, and suddenly *POOF* your dog is getting into things around the house and finding trouble. You realize that he probably hasn't had enough exercise and stimulation today, but you have so much to do! What to do? 

Viola! Enter the food puzzle toy! 

These toys are designed to be used every day as a part of your dog's daily feeding routine. You don't have to dump his kibble in the dog dish for him to devour in 3.2 seconds twice a day. Put the food in one of these toys and let him entertain himself for 30-45 minutes working the dog food out a little at a time. It's better for his digestion and way better for your sanity! 

Click on the toys below to find the right ones for your dog

A couple words of wisdom:

  • If you have a super-chewer, choose the tougher versions (Wobbler, Satellite, Buster Cube, Kibble Nibble) and put it away after mealtimes.
  • Invest in 2-3 different toys and rotate throughout the week to increase the challenge.
  • Give your dog a treat-filled toy BEFORE he gets into trouble. Prevention is the best medicine!
  • Start out with toys that spill treats easily and progress to more challenging toys over time.
  • Hide treat-filled toys throughout the house for dogs who like to explore (and find socks/tissues/shoes/paper)
  • Most toys are dishwasher safe
  • Households with multiple dogs should enjoy their toys in separate spaces