Scoring Big in Elite Novice!

Omg what an amazing weekend! Our first "go" at Elite Novice!

Ringo and Terra both performed their first Elite Novice routines at the Come to the Cabaret RFE Musical Freestyle Event. Terra only performed once (to be conservative about her arthritis) but our routine earned a first place with 98/100, and TWO Audience Choice Awards: "Celebrating the Bond" and "This routine made me cry". Ringo performed both days, earning his Elite Novice Title with a 2nd place 88/100 & 1st place 89/100, as well as a Judge's Choice Award for "A dog who dances with a joyful heart" in memory of Patricia Nash's Chase.

Jenn & Terra

Elite Novice Leg #1. Earned 98/100 Come to the Cabaret Musical Freestyle Event; 6/30/18

Jenn & Ringo

Elite Novice Leg #2. Earned 89/100 Come to the Cabaret Musical Freestyle Event; 7/1/18

I also felt the love with my going-away gift card and TIARA! Much love to all my freestyle friends here. I will miss you tons! I'll be finding excuses to come visit, that is for sure! ❤️❤️

Thank you to our judge Carrol Haines and to  Nancy Bartosik Marston and Lindsay Crampton who worked hard to help me put this show on! Also major thank you to Arlene Zingale and Kathy Labella for all your volunteer time helping us with music and scorekeeping. Thank you to Petra Ford and Sue Yanoff and Joe Zuckerman without whose help, I would not have been dancing with Terra at all this weekend. I'm beyond grateful for her good health!! 

I'm super excited for others' accomplishments over the weekend but I can't divulge it before they have. MAJOR CONGRATS TO EVERYONE!

Musical Freestyle Champion!!

Ringo finished his Musical Freestyle Champion title this month during the Rally Freestyle Elements Spring Fling Video event. Ringo's drastically improved confidence in the ring this year was a direct by-product of our improved teamwork. He blasted through 4 musical freestyle titles this year, each performance earning qualifying scores, including his first high combined freestyle and high in trial awards! Ending the year with his Champion Title was just icing on the cake. We both learned so much. And we ain't afraid a no ghost!

Moving Toward Syracuse! Musical Freestyle Madness!

Moving Toward Syracuse! Musical Freestyle Madness!

Terra and I just earned the second leg of her In-Sync Novice title with one of our favorite routines, the Seneca Square Dance. This weekend we are off to Maine to see Michelle Pouliot and all our freestyle friends at Dancing Paws of Maine. Then we will be off to Syracuse November 5th and 6th, for the Muttly Masquerade freestyle competition. I will be competing in not one, not two, not three freestyle routines, but FOUR freestyle routines!

RFE "Pumpkin Promenade" Musical Freestyle Competition

Wowee!!! Terra and Ringo and I just got back from the Rally Freestyle Elements Musical Freestyle competition in Newtown, CT. What a whirlwind weekend. I have freestyle jet lag! I feel like we were gone for so much more than a couple days! Everyone did an amazing job and I saw some phenomenal routines and teamwork. What a great group of people.

Rally Freestyle Elements Northeast Regional Video Event

Congrats to everyone who entered into the RFE Northeast Regional 1 2015 Musical Freestyle video event. I see LOTS of Qs on the scoresheet, and some very high scores! Wohoo!! 

Here is mine and Terra's Advanced division entry:

I'm very pleased with our 94/100, a 2nd place in our division, and our first Q toward our title in Advanced division!! 
Looking forward to the Newtown live event in October!

I will be teaching a Rally Freestyle class at PCOTC in White Plains in July. More info here: www.teachrover.com