k9 nosework

Following that Super Nose!

Following that Super Nose!

Nosework competing in 2015 and 2016 has been a little rough for Terra and I, as we have been waitlisted on over 10 attempts to enter any NW2 trial just about anywhere within a day's drive of NY. There is a serious bottleneck of competitors and it will take us a lot longer than I thought to earn our NW2. We, however, had a great weekend in Pennsylvania a couple weeks ago, at our first Element Specialty trial!

Odor Recognition Test, what's that?

I'm happy to report that on March 16th, Terra passed her Odor Recognition Test for Birch!

She had three minutes to identify which of the twelve identical boxes held birch odor, and she found it in less than ten seconds! There are no special prizes for speed, but she was certain about her decision without even sniffing all 12 boxes. 

Once a dog passes an ORT, they are eligible to compete in K9 Nosework trials, where they will hunt for the same odor (birch) in four elements: interior searches, exterior searches, vehicle searches, and container searches.

To learn more: www.nacsw.net