Terra's new musical freestyle routine "Flying Home"

Terra and I have moved on up to the Premier Freestyle division with the Musical Dog Sport Association and the Advanced Freestyle division with Rally Freestyle Elements. This means our routines are longer (3 minutes or more!), have more requirements, and must be done with precision heeling and minimal overt signals. We are really enjoying the challenge and love the training time we get together. Here is our first Premier level routine for MDSA. Hope you enjoy it! 

Working toward Standard Freestyle Dog

Terra just received her qualifying score (42/50) and a leg toward her Standard Freestyle Dog Title!

We spent all of 2013 rehabbing and trying to avoid having surgery on her torn CCL (the human equivalent is an ACL). Ultimately surgery was the best option, and 6 months later we were able to get back to doing what we love most: canine musical freestyle!!

In 2012 Terra earned her Novice Freestyle Dog title with three qualifying routines, so now we are after our Standard title. Next routine is due in April!