Musical Freestyle

Closing in on our goal...

Terra and I are happy to report that we have moved into the Elite Advanced division of Rally Freestyle Elements Musical Freestyle and just earned our first qualifying score with a newly-debuted routine! We are working toward RFE’s first Elite Grand Champion title, and I have choreographed a new routine to allow her to show off her talents while being physically less taxing on her body. She still absolutely loves to play and train with me, so it is very important to me that I honor the joy she gets from training and performing.

Terra is hanging out while I read, but she wants to go for a walk…

Terra is hanging out while I read, but she wants to go for a walk…

“Hey mom! Stop reading!”

“Hey mom! Stop reading!”

Our new routine scored 95/100 with extremely valuable and wonderful comments like “Lovely storytelling!” “Super clever prop use!” and “Creative interpretation of the music” . This routine was a skit-style routine, very different from our usual heel/dance style of freestyle, so it was a creative stretch for me that presented lots of training challenges. The sheer duration of a few of her behaviors took time to build, as well as the independence to work further from me than she would prefer. Anyone who has seen her sidepass with me knows how she loves to GLOM and SHOVE into me! lol

This routine has also been challenging in the prop department: lots of them and some that even change throughout the routine! Oy!

She’s got a better idea!

She’s got a better idea!

Going for a walk… Now the fun really starts!

Going for a walk… Now the fun really starts!

I have been resting her for a couple weeks, hoping to perform again in the Dogs Gone Dancing Bandstand show April 27-28. I’ve practiced, but made her rest her body. We’ll feel the need to sneak in one more practice this week, play around with some bits during the Friday fun match and then see how she feels.

Stay tuned as we continue to work toward our goal with this new routine! Enjoy the video stills! :)

Scoring Big in Elite Novice!

Omg what an amazing weekend! Our first "go" at Elite Novice!

Ringo and Terra both performed their first Elite Novice routines at the Come to the Cabaret RFE Musical Freestyle Event. Terra only performed once (to be conservative about her arthritis) but our routine earned a first place with 98/100, and TWO Audience Choice Awards: "Celebrating the Bond" and "This routine made me cry". Ringo performed both days, earning his Elite Novice Title with a 2nd place 88/100 & 1st place 89/100, as well as a Judge's Choice Award for "A dog who dances with a joyful heart" in memory of Patricia Nash's Chase.

Jenn & Terra

Elite Novice Leg #1. Earned 98/100 Come to the Cabaret Musical Freestyle Event; 6/30/18

Jenn & Ringo

Elite Novice Leg #2. Earned 89/100 Come to the Cabaret Musical Freestyle Event; 7/1/18

I also felt the love with my going-away gift card and TIARA! Much love to all my freestyle friends here. I will miss you tons! I'll be finding excuses to come visit, that is for sure! ❤️❤️

Thank you to our judge Carrol Haines and to  Nancy Bartosik Marston and Lindsay Crampton who worked hard to help me put this show on! Also major thank you to Arlene Zingale and Kathy Labella for all your volunteer time helping us with music and scorekeeping. Thank you to Petra Ford and Sue Yanoff and Joe Zuckerman without whose help, I would not have been dancing with Terra at all this weekend. I'm beyond grateful for her good health!! 

I'm super excited for others' accomplishments over the weekend but I can't divulge it before they have. MAJOR CONGRATS TO EVERYONE!

Rally-FrEe and Musical Freestyle in Ohio!

Join Jenn and Ringo in Medina, Ohio for an entire weekend of Rally-FrEe and Musical Freestyle training! Limited spots available, register soon! June 16-17. Private lessons also available after workshop. MORE INFO

Update: Working spots are full, auditing spots still available! 

Ringo: Musical Freestyle Masters Title!

Canine Musical Freestyle training

Ringo SPOILED me this past weekend!

We earned his Musical Freestyle Masters title on our first try!!!

Despite 30 seconds of changes added to his routine just 3 weeks ago, and minimal time to practice, he met me more than halfway and put in solid cheerful and engaging performances. He earned a 94/100 on Saturday, with a second place in his class, and a 92/100 on Sunday, with a first place in his class. He also won a combined high score award for highest combined scores in advanced class over the entire weekend! 

Our routine was not without a few expected bobbles, as we really had to scramble to add new content while taking advantage of a live show opportunity just 3 weeks after earning his Musical Freestyle Excellent title. I entered the show with the mindset of learning about how the new sequences would flow (or not), and how strong the behaviors were in a performance setting (we still have some work to do!). I had not set my sights on his Masters Title, I only wanted to get our feet wet in Advanced class with other much more advanced dogs and handlers. Well, boy was I pleasantly surprised! What a lucky lady I am! 

canine freestyle dog