Moving Toward Syracuse! Musical Freestyle Madness!

Terra and I just earned the second leg of her In-Sync Novice title with one of our favorite routines, Seneca Square Dance. We filmed on our home turf, PCOTC, even though we had high hopes of doing it someplace pretty outdoors. The weather did not cooperate as the deadline got closer, so we just had to put on our dancing shoes and do it inside! 

She earned a 97/100, with high praise from the judge commenting on her precision during side passes and backing, as well as the degree of difficulty, since Terra does this routine all on verbal cues! This routine also scores high for flow and choreography that follows the phrasing of the music. We love it and would still dance it, even if it didn't get super high scores! 

This weekend we are off to Maine to see Michelle Pouliot and all our freestyle friends at Dancing Paws of Maine. Then it will be off to Syracuse November 5th and 6th, for the Muttly Masquerade Freestyle Competition. 

I will be competing not one, not two, not three, freestyle routines, but FOUR freestyle routines there. Terra will be doing her Grand Champion Car Wash, her InSync Seneca Square Dance, and Ringo will be doing his Novice Perry Como routine. THEN Terra and I will join a friend and do a pairs routine in That's Entertainment! It will certainly be entertaining!!!! 

November classes at PCOTC for freestyle will offer a Rally Freestyle class for all levels, as well as a Ring Prep class, for those who'd like to prepare a routine for December video competitions. Register here: