RFE "Pumpkin Promenade" Musical Freestyle Competition

Wowee!!! Terra and Ringo and I just got back from the Rally-Freestyle Elements Musical Freestyle competition in Newtown, CT. What a whirlwind weekend. I have freestyle jet lag! I feel like we were gone for so much more than a couple days! Everyone did an amazing job and I saw some phenomenal routines and teamwork. What a great group of people.

Terra earned her last leg for her Advanced title with a score of 94!! Then Sunday she moved up to Champion class, got a 96 (!) and a first place (!!!).

Terra also played around in In-Sync category for the first time, got two 77s, and so earned two qualifying legs toward her Entry title as well. 

 Ringo received a qualifying leg toward his Entry title on both days, with high scores (83 and 87!). This was his first live competition, so I am really pleased that he enjoyed himself and showed well.

Here is her "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" routine, that we competed for her Advanced Title! Enjoy!

Here is Ringo's "It's a Good Day" routine, that we competed for his Entry Title! Enjoy!

I'm so proud of both of them and all the hard work we put into preparing for this annual event.