Fall AKC STAR Puppy Class Socialization Contest!

Fall is certainly upon us, and while I am missing the warm summer months already, September brought me a whole new batch of cute young puppies! Lucky me!

Remember there are three puppy prize packs to win by socializing your puppy:

  • Puppy with the most completed socialization lists: Dr Sophia Yin and Scavenger Hunt
  • Puppy who turns in the most numerous photos socializing with people
  • Puppy who turns in a photo of their puppy in the most unique or interesting socializing situation

Check out the socializing your fellow students are doing:

  • Spencer met some horses, children, and supervised a roofing project! 
  • Lana met a little girl in Central Park, visited Belvedere Castle, and met another Havanese! 
  • Red met lots of new children, made a canine friend, and met a boy on crutches!
  • Sky went to the beach, a marina and a store! 
  • Nice went to school pick-up, a soccer game, and watched a house demolition!
  • Senya made canine and feline friends, listened to a troubadour, and watched a basketball game! 

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