Camp Unleashed Friends & Family Event!

Camp Unleashed is right around the corner and Ringo and I are itching to get there. It will be such a great weekend.

I’m going to be teaching some new classes at camp: Puppy Pilates, Understanding Dog Emotions, and Truly Useful Dog Tricks.

The REALLY good news is that we are having a friends and family Event!

And guess what? You are my friend! So if you want to sign up, just add my name to your registration form and you’ll get $50 off this year’s camp! Wohoo! And if you refer a friend to come to this year’s camp, you’ll get $50 off next year’s camp too. Who can resist that?!


Camp Unleashed!

Flyball. Dock diving. Scentwork. Parkour. Hiking. Swimming. Agility….

Don’t hesitate to send me an email if you need help registering. Can’t wait to see you all there!!

<3 from Jenn, Terra and Ringo :)